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We Have Cedar to Help You Build More Than a Simple Cage

We Have Cedar to Help You Build More Than a Simple Cage

All the rage!  We have cedar to help you build more than a simple cage.
The general rule is 4 square feet of inside space and 10 square feet of run space per standard sized bird, half that for bantams. I’ve seen some people give their birds 2 square feet per bird inside the coop, but those birds are almost never in the coop. Your coop and run sound about right for 4 hens, though if it snows a lot in your area (I don’t know what Utah is like) you may want to build bigger as the hens will be stuck inside a lot. The general rule for nest boxes is 1 for every 3-4 hens in the coop and for roosts 8-12 inches per standard bird and half that for bantams. You already got 8 chicks so if you feel your coop isn’t big enough, make a second (you can connect them through the run) or add on to your current one.
 enjoy your chicken adventure D.gif


9-1/2 Feet in Diameter!
Walk to Big Cedar
Imagine a tree 500 years old!  Take a short hike to see this
living, valley floor old growth forest giant, and learn about
the many ways Native Americans and early pioneers used
cedar in their everyday lives. Ideal short hike for families with
children.  Meet at Meadowbrook Farm Interpretive Center;
dress for the weather and wear hiking shoes or boots!

An IC Railing Installation

This IC Railing installation turned out great!  Aren’t the corners fabulous?!?