Our Products


  • We offer a variety of western red cedar decking materials – tight knot 5/4×4 FD, 5/4×5 FD, 5/4×6 KD, 2×4 KD, 2×6 KD and clear 5/4×4 KD, 5/4×6 KD, 2×4 KD, 2×6 KD
  • We also offer Massaranduba; Batu; Tigerwood; and Ipe (1×4 – other sizes available by special order)
  • Tight knot and clear cedar decks have been an excellent choice in decking material for years. The appearance is beautiful and the weather resistant properties of cedar means it will last for a long time if properly cared for.
  • We also carry all the material for your railing needs, decorative cedar arbors & trellis material etc


  • Our cedar fence boards are the highest quality material you can find.
  • Material will also last longer due to the thickness of the board, it resists cupping or warping that frequently occurs with the thinner fence material other stores sell.
  • Available in select tight knot
  • Jumbo Split Rail (2-line & 3-line, 8’ & 10’ rails)
  • Post and Pole (2-line & 3-line, 8’ & 10’ rails)
  • We recommend and sell stainless steel nails or screws for application with cedar. Stainless steel prevents the tannins in cedar from interacting with other metals which results in the black streaks down the front of old fences.


  • We stock a wide variety of clear cedar material (graded C or better)
  • Vertical Grain material is also available


  • We specialize in hard to find sizes of cedar beams. Since we mill 80% of what we sell, we stock mill rough beams in sizes from 3×3 to 12×12. We frequently have sizes that are even larger – up to 14″ or 16″.
  • We have tight knot and clear beams which can be surfaced in three different ways – mill rough (very rough texture and full net dimension of material, i.e. full 4″x4″); Resawn 4 sides (traditional dimension of 31/2“x31/2” after being run through our bandsaw); or smooth (run through our planer to get smooth surface)



  • Wide variety of bevel in stock – tight knot or clear material; we have smooth bevel and rough or resawn bevel;
  • We specialize in hard to match bevel siding and have the ability to custom match bevel samples that we do not carry in stock.
    • We frequently make 10 or 12 inch wide bevel that is 11/4 thick or 11/2 thick

Tongue & Groove

  • Interior or exterior applications of Tongue & Groove siding – wide variety of sizes in stock (1/2×4″ up to 1×8″ in stock)
  • Have clear or tight knot material
  • T&G is graded for either the smooth face or the resawn face
  • If we don’t stock it, we can make it match your sample
  • Also used for soffit material


  • We stock #1 16″ cedar shingles and #1 18″ R&R’s; these can be bandsawn or circular sawn; they can be dry or green; we have some that are pre-primed, and can also prefinish any of the shingle products.
  • We also stock Medium and Heavy Shakes

Channel Siding

  • We stock tight knot 1×6,1×8, and 1×10 channel

Custom Milling

  • We operate 3 different planers/molders and 3 rip saws which allow us to customize a variety of materials.
  • If you have a sample you would like to have made, bring it in so we can match it
    • We frequently match custom t&g material, handrails, custom channel patterns, and bevel siding
    • We have a variety of custom patterns with knives ready to run material, or we can also make special knives to match your pattern if need be