Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is known historically for its natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects. The added appeal a new cedar deck can add to your house or outdoor room can be pleasing to the eye, as well as increasing the resale value of your home. We stock Tight Knot, Mixed Grain Clear, and Vertical Grain Clear in several different thicknesses and widths.

Tight Knot Mixed Grain Clear Vertical Grain Clear
5/4 x 4 (FD) 5/4 x 4 (KD) 5/4 x 4 (KD)
5/4 x 5 (FD) 5/4 x 6 (KD) 5/4 x 6 (KD)
5/4 x 6 (KD) 2 x 3 (KD) 2 x 3 (KD)
2 x 4 (KD) 2 x 4 (KD) 2 x 4 (KD)
2 x 6 (KD) 2 x 6 (KD) 2 x 6 (KD)

We have the ability to prestain all your decking and railing options, please ask your cedar expert about your staining options.