ZomeTek Bamboo Composite Decking

ZomeTek Bamboo Composite Decking is not only low maintenance and available in a wide range of colors, it is a cost effective, environmentally-responsible alternative to traditional wood decking. Typical pricing is around 20 percent less than comparable composite decks, and is backed by a 25-year residential warranty.

  • Constructed with highly sustainable micro-strand bamboo fibers, 100% recycled plastic (free from urea formaldehyde), and additives to preserve color and durability.
  • Extremely durable against anything you throw at it (sun, heat, freezing, rot, salt, sand and heavy traffic). Will not fade and does not require staining.
  • 25 year residential warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty.

ZomeTek decking is constructed from natural bamboo micro-strand fibers, recycled HDPE plastic and additives. This unique construction-grade material is resistant to mold and mildew and is a strong, durable and moisture-resistant composite. Made to endure the elements (rain, rot, snow, sand and heavy traffic), its beautiful all natural-wood appearance requires minimal maintenance.

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